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Search Engine marketing

Search Engine marketing is the most effective form of online marketing, where websites are promoted to increase visibility and brand image, and convert traffic into business leads and sales. SEM in a broad sense generates traffic to websites on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) by using different forms of SEM techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per click (PPC), ad placements and contextual advertising.

As an entire process, SEM includes both SEO and PPC.  Though both yield results and appear on the same SERP’s, the mechanisms and strengths of the processes differ from each other.  When comparing both PPC and SEO in terms of yielding results, you can observe certain factors:

  • PPC generates traffic relatively quickly when compared to SEO. With SEO, your campaign takes about 3 – 6 months to generate traffic.
  • In PPC, your cost per visitor is higher than SEO as you need to pay for every click on PPC text ads. But you need not pay for the organic listings for each and every click.
  • You can bid on any search phrase with PPC. PPC is very useful for making decisions to test different search phrases to determine which is the most effective for your business where as in SEO it is more difficult to precisely target search phrases.
  • In contrast, SEO results displayed on the left hand side of SERP’s get far more clicks from searchers than PPC text ads on the right side of the SERP’s. More clicks equals more traffic, customers and profit!

Both SEO and PPC in one form or another can be major aspects of generating traffic under Search Engine Marketing. On the whole, SEM is marketing your online business through your elite web presence.

Topline SEM can boost your business to top levels in the search results, by using various methods of SEM. We have a strong team of qualified professionals with comprehensive expertise in SEO and PPC concepts and technologies. We implement custom strategies for your online marketing campaigns after a thorough analysis of your business needs and market status.

SEM Consulting

  • Topline SEM consultants can provide consultation on various factors related to search engine marketing for your existing set up or for your upcoming ventures in online business. We recommend the best SEM solutions based on your business goals and budget.
  • Our SEM consultants will guide you on how to promote your website and increase your online visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
  • We will provide you with effective online marketing solutions and customer acquisition programs that drive customers and revenue to your website.
  • With expertise in both Pay per Click and Search Engine Optimization services we can help you reach the top listings in the Search Engine Result Pages.
  • Our certified professionals can also assist you in implementing PPC marketing techniques to get better pricing models and earn faster ROI.
  • We provide thorough reporting for each online marketing campaign and let you know the status of your website position rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN sand Bing, etc.
  • We monitor each campaign to find any flaws in marketing techniques so that corrective action can be taken to improve your position in the website rankings