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Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC is major trend setter in online marketing, it is believed to be the most cost effective and efficient way of bringing traffic to your website. It gives an opportunity for small firms to compete with large companies which usually hold the top positions on major search engine results. In the sense it creates an opportunity for companies to list on the top positions of the search engines results pages.

Pay-Per-Click ads allow advertisers to deliver targeted results within each of the search engines based upon the visitor’s search query. If you have realized the fact that the main driving force of online marketing is through PPC marketing, a unique form of Search Engine Marketing, then Topline SEM is here to provide you top class PPC marketing solutions and management services.

Pay per click is a paid form of online marketing model which is designed to get qualified leads for the clients through search engines, content websites and advertising networks in faster and cost effective manner. As this process is performance driven, the client is inclined to pay only when a consumer clicks though the ad to visit the client's website.

We are supported by Google Adwords program, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN ad centre and are flexible working with all search engines. Our PPC experts are well versed with the latest technologies and strategies applicable in PPC Marketing, Our professionals focus on prominent search engines and social network sites like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, MySpace, Facebook, etc. to boost your online prominence, increase quality traffic, improve global brand image, increase leads and enhance your conversions.

At Topline SEM, We can take you to the next level in your business. Our unique solutions for major e-commerce portals and other business related sites have proven to be on par with excellence. We utilize the most popular bid management tools available in the market to lower your risk in your investment.

Steps in PPC Marketing Campaign:

  • We create a new PPC account in your selected search engine’s PPC program. It can be either Google Adwords, Yahoo! Sponsored Search, Microsoft adCenter
  • We do a keyword research basing your business scope and its features and form a relative keyword groups called as ad groups
  • We manage bids on particular keywords specific to your website using the search engine’s keyword tool
  • By managing bids, your website appears in the search engine for your keyword, and it displays your ads in their sponsored results section
  • We set targets relative to search targets and content targets which each search engine allows to target. Search targeting means your ads will only appear in the search results located on the engine’s homepage. Content targeting means your ads will show up in articles, blogs or other websites that contain the keyword you are targeting.
  • We create most specific, keyword-rich text ads that center around your ad group- These ads are free until a searcher clicks on one
  • Each time a visitor clicks on your ad within the search engine, you are charged by the search engine
  • According to the bid price, your ad positioning in search engine’s sponsored listings is determined. The quality score of your ad and the performance of your ad are relative to the performance of your competitors’ ads.

Why PPC with Us?

  • PPC marketing model is economical when compared to traditional form of advertising as it involves small initial investment.
  • Since we do not charge any management fee, you have lower level of risk involved while running your campaign.
  • We plan a perfect campaign which makes it realistic and applicable for each sphere whether it is big or small.
  • Unlike SEO, our PPC campaigns are most easiest way to reach the market quickly and can yield you immediate results.
  • Our simplest way for toughest job of PPC is flexible and easy to use where keywords can be adjusted, added and even deleted for planning the highest bid for keyword in campaign.
  • Our real-time tracking helps to rectify or modify the ad campaign within hour and not days.
  • Our PPC campaigns are designed with pre-qualified target customers using geo-targeting, effective keyword research and demographic site selection to target your viewing audience much more precisely. 
  • Last but not the least is we increase your brand image by placing your ads on top placements on major search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN.